Services performed in P66 and P69 platforms


Services performed in P66 and P69



Location: Estaleiro Brasfels – Angra dos Reis/RJ


Supply of Equipment and Materials;

Structures and Piping Services;

Preparation for transport and lift of the P-69 compression modules


The Brasfels shipyard was contracted to integrate the P-66 and P-69 platforms, which includes the lifting operation, the assembly of the modules on the hull and the interconnections and tests of the modules with each other and with the hull systems. They were built especially to meet the FPSO Replicantes project (acronym in English for Floatings Production Storage Offloading Unit). They are platforms for the production, storage and transfer of oil and gas to increase production capacity and achieve Petrobras' goal of producing 4.2 million barrels per day in 2020. According to Petrobras, the P-66 was the first platform of the series of six FPSO Replicantes, built to meet the demand for pre-salt oil production in the Santos Basin.


Structural and Piping Services;
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Preparation for transport and lift of the P-69 compression modules;
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Use of own materials;
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Use of qualified professionals;
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Services performed at height;
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