Traditionally recognized for its quality assurance, punctuality, safety and care, SantMac Manutenções Técnicas Ltda - TECMAN has been operating for over 20 years in the market and have their business focused on the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance in industrial plants through Contracts "turnkey" in the areas of electrical, instrumentation, automation, mechanical, steel structure, piping, civil works and painting.

Located in Rio das Ostras - RJ, the Special Business Zone "ZEN" in a strategic location, close to PETROBRAS’ Tube Park, TECMAN has a total area of 5,500 square meters, with 1,500 m² of sheds, 3,500m² storage and maneuvers yard and 500m² of administrative building.

To monitor the expansion of demand and market needs, the company stands out for the quality of its services, by enabling solutions that meet its customers and the commitment of his team on the their business goals. Moreover, it aims to be recognized as a market leading company, aiming at full satisfaction of its employees and customers through differentiated service.

With an excellent staff of skilled professionals, the Company seeks the formation of partnerships and solutions that contribute to the improvement of performance, adapting to the conditions of each client. For this, invests in skills training for its employees in order to meet market needs.

To retain their customers, TECMAN ensures that the needs and expectations are identified and converted into characteristics of products and services. In addition, in order to meet the market requirements, the company invests in technology and structure, with new equipment to enable the increase in production capacity and optimize production time.


To undertake and create value for its customers and society.


Be a preferred partner of its clients at a national and international level, underpinned based on its permanent integrating capacity to deliver better solutions.


Provide construction services, assembly and maintenance services for piping, steel structure, mechanics, electrical, instrumentation and industrial automation, naval and civil services, with a focus on customers, innovative human capital, technology and sustainability.


Strong internal culture.
Synergy with the customer
Adaptability and quick response.
Integrity in actions.
Leadership by example.
Effective commitment to QHSE(Quality, Health, Safety, Environment).
Credibility in relationships.
Know-how in the state of the art.
Respect for Diversity.
Social and environmental responsibility.

Integrated Management Policy

TECMAN undertakes with integrity, performing with the best integrated solutions in construction, assembly and maintenance services for piping, metal structure, mechanics, electrical, instrumentation and automation, industrial naval and civil.

The Tecman assumes as its Integrated Management Policy:

* Provide compliant services, with a level of quality that satisfy your customers.
* Promote a conscious and cooperative organizational culture, so that quality, environment, safety and health issues are the responsibility of the leadership and all employees who are part of TECMAN.
* Conduct training to improve the capacitation, awareness and sensibilization of employees and working conditions.
* Ensuring safe and healthy work, eliminating dangers and reducing the risk of incidents and accidents, injuries and occupational diseases.
* Encourage the participation and consultation of employees and, if any, their representatives.
* Preserve the environment, preventing pollution in all its forms, monitoring the proper management of the residues generated by its activities and the appropriate life cycle actions for products applied in its activities and services.
* Act efficiently, avoiding waste and using natural resources and energy in a rational and responsible way.
* Comply with legal, contractual and other requirements applicable to its activities and services.
* Live harmoniously with the community, partners, contractors, outsourced and other interested parties.
* Search the continuous improvement in the quality and performance of the TECMAN Integrated Management System processes.

Code of Conduct

TECMAN assumes as rules of conduct in its business and relationships with customers, employees, suppliers, syndicates, class associations, governmental institutions and other interested parties:

* To undertake with integrity and ethics, in accordance with applicable legislation, contractual and technical requirements, fully complying with its current compliance obligations.
* Implement and maintain mechanisms, internal control procedures, encouraging the reporting of irregularities and the effective application of the Code of Conduct, Policies and guidelines in order to prevent and remedy deviations, fraud, irregularities and illegal acts committed against the public administration and private initiative.
* Provide information with transparency and veracity.
* Prohibit acts of corruption and bribery to obtain commercial advantages.
* Encourage the fight against illegal practices.
* Protect the confidentiality of corporate information and personal and sensitive data.
* Promote teamwork, cooperative and loyal.
* Respect the inalienable rights of people in their decisions.
* Exercise your business role with social and environmental responsibility.
* Do not allow any kind of discrimination or abuse.
* Respect diversity.
* Contribute to the sustainable life of this and future generations.
* Disseminate this code of conduct throughout TECMAN.

Compliance Policy

TECMAN defines as a Compliance Policy, in line with its values, objectives and strategic direction:

* Comply with applicable laws, regulations and other requirements and voluntary commitments made.
* Provide engineering services meeting applicable contractual and technical requirements.
* Meet the requirements of the Compliance Program.
* Establish, critically review and achieve compliance objectives.
* Appoint the Compliance Representative to handle Compliance matters.
* Incorporate Compliance into your Policies, Procedures and processes.
* Assume honest, ethical conduct and be responsible for accountability.
* Do not practice or condone corruption or fraud on any level.
* Strengthen Compliance's authority and independence.
* Addressing concerns based on good faith, in trust, that does not cause fear or retaliation to employees and other interested parties.
* Make everyone aware of the labor and/or legal consequences of non-compliance with the code of conduct, policies and guidelines of the integrated management system.
* Search the continuous improvement of the compliance program.