Docking Driller SS-50


Docking Driller SS-50


Transocean Offshore Inc.

Location: Porto do Rio de Janeiro


Shutdown for reform Driller SS-50.




Several services of electrical, instrumentation, automation, mechanical, steel frame and painting during the shutdown to reform Driller SS-50 in the Port of Rio de Janeiro - RJ.


Compressors room - old warehouse Transformation in compressors room, with the relocation of 04 compressors and installing new one;
Compressor1    Compressor2    Compressor3

New Ballast System - Replacement of old ballast sensor system Bubble System;
Ballast1    Ballast2    Ballast3

Driller System - Replacement of the measurement system analog drilling parameters for a DDS digital system;
Driller1    Driller2    Driller3

House of Driller - Reform of the driller's house;
House1    House2    House3

Casing Stabbing Arm - Manufacture and assembly of drilling tower access equipment (basket, articulated arm and hydraulic unit).
Casing1    Casing2    Casing3

New Warehouse - Lighting Network Installation, power, telephone and data in the new Warehouse module.
Warehouse1    Warehouse2    Warehouse3

Fire System - Assembly of the combat system to FIRE fighting - Flood for Halon.
Fire1    Fire2    Fire3

Draworks - Lubrication lines Installation piercing shriek.
Draworks1    Draworks2    Draworks3

Choke Manifold – Change of the hydraulic system and BOP control valves.
Choke1    Choke2    Choke3

New Ballast Pumps - Installation of pumps and ballast unit cooling system.
Pumps1    Pumps2    Pumps3

High Pressure Compressors - Installation of new high-pressure compressors.
High1    High2    High3

Revamp Compressors - Revitalization of the sets of the drive air compressors.
Revamp1    Revamp2    Revamp3

Columns ladder repair - Repair, treatment and painting the stairs of the unit's speakers.
Ladder1    Ladder2    Ladder3