Boilers and NR-13 (Regulation Standard nº 13)


Boilers and NR-13 - Turbomachinery


Man Diesel e Turbo do Brasil

Location: PGP-1, PPM-1, PCH-1 e 2


Boiler services and NR-13 in maintenance, operations and improvements in turbomachinery of PGP-1 platform, PPM-1, SHP-1 and 2.



Various Boilers and NR-13 services in Turbomachinery systems.

Principal Image

consisting of: rackets install and uninstall in process plants and generation of oil and gas, cleaning and maintenance in storage tanks of lubricant oil and sealing oil, replacement of valves and accessories, repair and maintenance structures and pipes, pressure vessel certification, heat exchangers and filters;
rackets install1    rackets install2    rackets install3

Opening gas exchangers and oil, cleaning, NR-13 inspection, sealing and hydrostatic testing.
Opening1    Opening2    Opening3

Repair leak in bundles of gas exchangers and oil.
Repair1    Repair2    Repair3

Opening Scrubbers, cleaning, NR-13 inspection and sealing and hydrostatic testing.
inspection1    inspection2    inspection3

Opening Gas filters, cleaning, NR-13 inspection, replacement of the filter elements and sealing tests.
Filter1    Filter2    Filter3

Opening high vases, cleaning, NR-13 inspection and sealing and hydrostatic testing.
Hydrostatic1    Hydrostatic2    Hydrostatic3

Hoods structural repair of equipment.
Hoods1    Hoods2    Hoods3

Replacement lines, valves, gaskets and kits.
gaskets1    gaskets2    gaskets3

Opening lubricating oil tanks and sealing, cleaning and NR-13 inspection and leak testing.
Cleaning1    Cleaning2    Cleaning3

Repair leaks of lube oil and sealing tanks.
sealing1    sealing2    sealing3

Opening lube oil filters and sealing, cleaning and replacement filter elements.
oil filters1    oil filters2    oil filters3